Carsorting is a process of organizing cars according to user experience. It involves evaluating the various features of each car to determine how they will best suit the needs of the user. This process requires careful consideration of the user's preferences, such as comfort, safety, performance, and aesthetics. Additionally, it takes into account factors such as cost, fuel efficiency, and environmental impact. Once the user's needs and preferences have been identified, the cars can be grouped accordingly, allowing the user to quickly and easily identify the right car for their needs. UX Carsorting is a great way to ensure that users get the best car for their needs and have a great user experience.


  1. Identify the cars that need to be evaluated.
  2. Determine the user’s needs and preferences.
  3. Analyze the features of each car to identify which ones best suit the user’s needs.
  4. Group the cars according to their features.
  5. Evaluate the grouped cars and make any necessary adjustments.
  6. Present the grouped cars to the user and allow them to make their selection.
  7. Finalize the selection and ensure that the user is satisfied with their choice.

Some tools

  1. Just sticky notes and markers.
  2. OptimalSort: This web-based tool allows users to create and analyze card sorting results quickly and easily. It allows users to group items into categories and analyze the results to determine which items best suit the user’s needs.
  3. UserZoom: This online tool provides an efficient and intuitive way to conduct Carsorting. It allows users to create and analyze card sorting tasks, and provides automated reports and visualizations to help users understand the results.
  4. UserTesting: This online tool allows users to conduct Carsorting in a matter of minutes. It provides an easy-to-use interface and allows users to quickly group items into categories and analyze the results.

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