A Designer.

I’m Toño Guerrero.

Designer and Freelancer. Specialist at Product Design, UX / UI, Design System, Motion Design, and Design Thinking. Obsessed with designing as fast as lightning, so that products come out lean. I want a world that’s easy to live. To be who simplify it through design.

To design simple solutions to complex problems.


By many beloved clients.

I believe in continual change, rapid creation, and automation. For the past 17 years, I have been assisting exceptional clients in improving their operations.

Business, design, and technology must collaborate to create efficient solutions that address intricate issues.

Helping out is my mission.

Understand, think, design and learn.

I assist startups and excellent companies in designing products and creating brands to achieve faster time to market and cost reduction. Unlike others, my solutions use a methodology and design systems performed by senior freelancers, with the goal of ensuring product quality while delivering quickly. Hard work, data-oriented thinking, strong communication—success follows.

I assist companies who wish to develop an intuitive product experience, as opposed to intricate interfaces. My solutions strive to be unobtrusive, so that the user is affected by the brand and not by the interface.

KIS Method

Keept It Simple


Set business expectations.
Empathize with users.
Create plan.


Use Design thinking
Test hypothesis.
Define a solution.


Create a prototype.
Design with aesthetics.
Iterate and improve.


Test early and often.
Focus on objetives and results.
Document everything.

Continuous conversion rate improvement.
Customer's team training.
Technical support.

It is essential to understand the business and to have empathy with users. Thinking is also key, and design thinking should be incorporated to ensure an effective process. Involve users in the design process to ensure a successful outcome. Validate the design, build it out, and then allow for evolution as needed. Above all, it is important to keep it simple.

This will ensure a straightforward design process that is easy to understand and execute.


Design for love of use.

1. Simplify to gain scalability

2. Design fast. Time is the most valuable resource.

3. Talk less, show more.

4. Humans goes first.

5. Focus on what we can control.


To design like lightning, so that products come out lean.

Designing is a substantial responsibility.

I have designed and created experiences for big companies and startups endorsed with a cumulative budget of €9M. I has led freelancers teams and built products for BBVA, Vodafone, Alcampo, Visionlab, Cepsa, Dolby, Prosegur, BMW among other companies and helped some US startups like Nexinit, Denexus or Bolster to grow.

OKR and KPI lover. Curled up with accelerating processes and improving communication between design, engineering and business.

Professor at Kschool (User Experience Master) and UNIR (The Internet University).

Also co-founder at Kubik.app. The social marketplace for brands that facilitates distributed payments for shared goods.

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