A fast and effective brand redesign

How to improve a brand in a month and win a competition?
Academia TV needed a brand redesign in less than a month. After researching the brand, the goal was to bring it up to the level of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. A new value proposition was created, with a focus on transparency, participation, transversality, and openness. The new logo and digital corporate identity manual to ensure the new brand can be displayed on any medium, whether printed or audiovisual.

Understanding the challenge

Carlos Castell, a friend, actor, and entrepreneur, reached out to me to suggest taking part in a design and branding competition. The challenge was to create a new corporate identity for Academa TV quickly – in less than one month. To make it happen, I researched the brand beforehand.

Academia TV the old look of the brand

Old Brand value proposition

Brand Context

  • Entity: It is a non-profit and declared of public interest.
  • History: Founded in 1997, currently the president is Maria Casado, since 2018. New direction.
  • Multiplicity: It brings together multiple representatives of entities related to the Spanish Television ecosystem in the council.
  • Focus: It is cultural, scientific and informative. In a serious, solvent and professional way.

Old main values

  • Promotion and defense of television professionals.
  • Recognition and incentive of outstanding projects.
  • Analysis of the economic, political and labor vectors of television.
  • Boosting training through scholarships and the TV Museum.
  • Supporting the development and improvement of specialties of the Television ecosystem.
  • Boosting technical research.
  • Financing the Project “Living Treasures”.

Brand competitors


Competitors colors

The color range of the sector is very varied, there is no main color to compete with except blue.

Blue is a color semiotically related to technology.

Old brand colors

The old academatv has a range of colors with a high contrast range. This is good from a graphical point of view.

In nature and human semiotics, this combination of colors (more yellow than orange) represent danger, alert, warning.

Think and design a new value proposition

After analyzing the brand, I set this goal:

To bring AcademiaTV up to the level of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

To define it I build a matrix of potential new brand values simple and understandable, that allow everyone to be oriented in a clear and ambitious direction:


Make the work visible and clear with an open communication plan.


Make a culture outside of your organization that lets other people and experts work together more easily.


Being a plural entity, create a structure where empowerment and responsibilities are more evenly distributed.


Let everyone know that Academia TV is open to everyone, to learn, help, work together, or just have fun.

New brand goal

Place Television and its professionals at the center focusing on TV and the people who make it.

Solve and create the brand assets.


Shift the black color to a less dark color, to avoid such a range of contrast and alert triggers in the brains of people who see the brand.

Brand name

It is recommended to keep the current name, without variations or additions. In order to avoid having to deploy a large and costly magnitude.

If it is relevant and advisable to create a formal difference, with some element of Gestalt that highlights the protagonist: TELEVISION and its professionals.


The text that serves as a surname and definition to the current Anagram has a similarity and relative positioning to the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of Spain.

Leverage similarities to better position the brand, thus changing the tagline.

“From the Television Arts and Sciences of Spain”

Creative concept

A TV studio has lights that make it possible for the people working there to be seen.

The spotlights are alive, moving in all directions.

Creative concept

They fight darkness, they are clear, and they reach everywhere.

Graphically, a spotlight can be depicted as such.

When this to ideas come together.

This happens.

What more?

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