Product Design

KIS methodology to simplify design and speed up delivery.

As a product designer, my focus is on developing user-friendly products that provide an excellent experience while achieving business goals. I design apps, websites, SaaS, and e-commerce platforms, striving to create unique and innovative solutions that combine user experience with business objectives.

App Design

Designing as fast as lightning and testing design hypotheses prior to development.

I have created over 20 mobile applications, including projects for clients such as BBVA or Prosegur. By implementing design systems in my projects, I have been able to create scalable and easily maintainable apps with organized and efficient development processes.

Design Systems

A good design system increases efficiency and productivity, leading to good user experience.

I specialize in creating design systems that are functional, scalable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to work with.

Designing is a crucial aspect of product development. Engineers rely on clear instructions to create successful products. Design systems are a fundamental pillar for any product that wants to grow. As a systems design specialist, I develop design systems that are not only highly functional, scalable, and aesthetically pleasing, but also easy for developers to work with.

My focus is on creating systems designed for the long-term, ensuring sustainability, adaptability, and compatibility, while also aiming to minimize development time. I strive to craft systems optimized for user experience, making sure that users can easily interact and understand the design language and principles, while also ensuring that the system can evolve and develop as needed.

Branding & Identity

Let's do a Brand Sprint Workshop to improve your brand.

I am passionate about creating new brands, improving existing ones, and adding unique twists to make them stand out. I believe in the power of storytelling to align with business values and create a genuine value proposition. With my expertise in powerful art direction, I can help your brand grow and expand in exciting new ways.

I specialize in assembling teams of skilled freelancers who collaborate on each branding project. From the initial naming process, narrative, identity, and voice, to extensive research, engaging visuals, 3D design, video production, and even launching rockets into outer space.

I believe in working closely with clients, so we can understand the vision and translate it into a successful branding campaign that resonates with your target audience.

Motion Design

Create 3D illustrations, animate motion graphics, add micro-interactions to a product.

Transforming your identity into an animated logo is my specialty. Using innovative tools and techniques, I create detailed 3D illustrations, captivating animations, and micro-interactions that evoke emotional responses. These techniques allow us to craft an amazing user experience that will enchant your customers and make them fall in love with your product. Let the magic of design do its job and bring your dreams to life in a stunning visual reality!

Web Design & Development

Websites, simplified.

I would be glad to help you improve the user experience on your website. Whether you need a simple yet powerful WordPress site, an aesthetically pleasing Webflow web site, a fast-performing React SaaS, or a Magento 2 ecommerce site with the best usability practices, we've got you covered.


From scripting to final render.

Writing a script is a fulfilling experience. Drafting a storyboard to visualize the script can also be enjoyable. However, the real challenge arises when you need to create an audiovisual piece that aligns with business objectives. This is where I come in! I specialize in assisting small, agile teams in preparing to create videos.

Workshop Facilitation

This process ensures well-rounded decisions making.

I strongly believe that using Design Thinking techniques during workshop facilitation can help align visions and share ideas when solving problems. This approach is an effective way to encourage collaboration, openness, and mutual respect while recognizing the importance of every individual's voice and their ideas. With workshop facilitation, everyone's input and ideas are considered, and no one is left out.