The Challenge of Re-thinking Visionlab

How can Visionlab customers have an improved experience that reduces pain points?
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To achieve the digital evolution of, a team of senior freelancers was created to create innovative digital shopping experiences. Design Thinking workshops for Information Architecture, Virtual Glasses Tester, Kumer Lenses Configurator, SalesForce CRM implementation, 8 videos, visual design, Kumer brand redesign and Reading. Although the project was canceled due to the pandemic; it was a challenge where we enjoyed a lot.

The challenge. The ask.

Jorge Casasempere (from 5DS) hired me to update the ecommerce of, one of the leading companies in Spain and Portugal for glasses, optics, and visual health products. Together with Jorge, JM Ferri, and the rest of the team, we undertook an ambitious project with a specific goal:

To create a unique digital shopping experience that would draw qualified traffic from online to physical optics.


I conducted an exhaustive research to gain knowledge about the brand. This included a Mystery Shopper at the Visionlab flagship, and a complete purchase to understand the entire process from lead capture, optical graduation, adjustments, and receipt of the product.

We then put together a team of 20 senior freelancers, covering all verticals (SEO, Analytics, Marketing, BI, UX, and Development, which I led) along with the Visionlab team.

We used this data, along with our heuristic analysis of the ecommerce, to compare and evaluate how the competition did it.

At the kickoff, progress was impressive. We presented our conclusions in all verticals, defined a lean working methodology, and set up a plan with milestones. Everything had a purpose, with defined responsibilities and objectives.

At the kickoff, progress was impressive. We presented our conclusions in all verticals, defined a lean working methodology, and set up a plan with milestones. Everything had a purpose, with defined responsibilities and objectives.


To start defining ideas and initial research into something tangible, I held several workshops with the management team to acquire knowledge and establish the foundations of what we were going to build. Using Design Thinking techniques was essential to make the right decisions gradually and involving each group of stakeholders at each step.

The result was a new Information Architecture of the ecommerce and of each product to be redesigned. One of the main conclusions was:

To design and develop a Virtual Try-On & Lens Configurator for Visionlab's flagship product, Kumer progressive glasses.


In order to bring the management team’s business hypotheses to fruition, we took the initiative to organize and coordinate four comprehensive workshops, both onsite and remotely, with visionlab stakeholders. This allowed us the opportunity to join forces and unite our visions in order to develop a comprehensive UX action plan. Through the collective effort of all involved, we were able to work together to create a plan that would yield the best possible results for our project.



We prepared Wireframes in Axure to design the experience and test it with potential users, and to have a technical description of the product to be built when the user stories in development were defined.

Shooting and videos

I proposed to carry out a shooting to explain this transformation inside and outside Visionlab. Some videos where to narrate the entire Customer Journey and the points where the user experience was going to improve. I chose Palmerita Films and Ivan Garcia to direct and carry out production for 8 videos while I supervise from script to final editing.

Visual Design

With everything ready, we created the visual design to unify each of the artifacts that the development would involve. The UI design was done in Sketch and was created based on a specific Design System created for Visionlab.

In parallel, the Visionlab, Kumer and Reading product brands were redesigned. Whose transition occurred while the ecommerce was being built.

Motion and 3D

Animated micro-interactions were created to appear on the ecommerce site. They were used as icons and to help explain pages with animated pictures. The tone was meant to be instructional and tech-based, to demonstrate how Visionlab can help improve your eye health.

UX Monitoring

We would use Fullstory or Hotjar to monitor user experience along with SalesForce Ecommerce Cloud tools to perform A/B tests.


We sent RFPs to several ecommerce technology providers to build and connect the SalesForce CRM we were setting up.

The approach was to change the WordPress with Woocommerce that was working until then to a Magento 2, which finally transitioned to a SalesForce Commerce (formerly Demandware) development since the CRM we were setting up was SalesForce.

Everything was ready to launch the MVP's.


Learn… and pandemic

The pandemic then caused the project to be canceled.

Although after making a great effort the MVP’s did not come to life, along the way many things have been learned that make us better professionals. I thank the entire Visionlab & HUB team for their work and dedication.

Thanks ❤️ Visionlab & HUB team for your trust, hard work, and dedication.

This is a visual summary of the work done for VisionLab.


What more?

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