Visually edit projects side-by-side with your code editor. See every change reflected instantly and get your work done faster.. Codux is a free, desktop-based visual IDE for React that allows users to build and edit components visually and side-by-side with their project's codebase. It supports React projects built in TypeScript with styling solutions such as CSS, CSS modules, Sass, and Stylable, and can be used with any IDE. It also supports third-party libraries, and the entire Git workflow. Build functional applications, develop components in isolation, and edit existing projects— all based on source code and with real-time rendering.

Develop in a dynamic environment:

- Work visually and side-by-side with your preferred IDE.
- Keep your project’s configurations and stay true to your coding style.
- Edit components properties and styles using visual panels and controllers.
- Develop components in isolation
- Expedite your CSS
- Visually navigate your code
- Validate behavior and design
- Collaborate with Git

The Glossary contains additional terms