Moderated User Test

A Moderated User Test (MUT) is a type of user research that allows a researcher to observe how a user interacts with a product, system, or service. The user is asked to complete a specific task and the researcher collects data on the user's behavior, thoughts, and opinions. The researcher can then analyze this data to better understand the user experience and make improvements. MUTs are typically conducted in a lab setting and are moderated by an experienced researcher who guides the user through the tasks. The data collected during a MUT can be used to inform design decisions, identify user needs and preferences, and help to create products and services that better meet user expectations.


The steps involved in conducting a Moderated User Test typically include:

  1. Preparation: The researcher must prepare for the MUT by defining the research goals, tasks to be completed, and any other necessary materials.
  2. Recruiting: The researcher must recruit participants for the MUT and provide them with information about the research goals, tasks, and expectations.
  3. Moderating: During the MUT, the researcher must moderate the session and guide the user through the tasks, collecting data on their behavior, thoughts, and opinions.
  4. Analysis: After the MUT, the researcher must analyze the data to identify user needs, preferences, and areas for improvement.
  5. Reporting: The researcher must then report their findings to stakeholders and use the data to inform design decisions and create better user experiences.

Some tools

  1. Lookback: Lookback is a remote usability testing platform that allows researchers to observe user behavior, capture video and audio recordings, and track user interactions in real-time.
  2. UserTesting: UserTesting is a platform that enables researchers to recruit and manage participants, observe user behavior, and capture user feedback.
  3. Optimal Workshop: Optimal Workshop provides a suite of tools for conducting user research, including tree testing, first-click testing, and card sorting.
  4. Validately: Validately is a platform that allows researchers to recruit users, analyze data, and share results.
  5. Hotjar: Hotjar is an analytics tool that enables researchers to track user behavior and capture user feedback.

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