# ZeroHeight Tool for Handoff Documentation

ZeroHeight is a web-based tool that helps designers and developers collaborate on design handoff documentation. It allows for the creation of a centralized location for all design documentation, making it easier for designers to share their work with developers.

With ZeroHeight, designers can create and organize documentation for their designs, including style guides, design specs, and design assets. Developers can then access this documentation and use it as a reference when building the product.

One of the key features of ZeroHeight is its ability to integrate with other design tools such as Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD. This makes it easy for designers to import their designs and create documentation directly from their design files.

ZeroHeight also allows for collaboration between designers and developers. Designers can add comments and notes to their documentation, and developers can ask questions or provide feedback on specific design elements.

Overall, ZeroHeight is a powerful tool for streamlining the design handoff process and promoting collaboration between designers and developers. Its easy-to-use interface and integration with other design tools make it a popular choice for design teams of all sizes.

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