Marcos Ballesteros Martín
VP of Product. BBVA
I hired Toño for many BBVA projects. He worked with me from product ideation, needs analysis, research, information architecture to prototyping, visual design, and testing of what we designed. He also helped us train in Design Thinking and UX by conducting several workshops for BBVA to help us orient the group towards a common goal and create the basis for achieving solutions agreed upon by all. There, I learned the value of a good 2x2 attractiveness/effort matrix and using the magic of collaborative tools like RealTimeBoard. With all sincerity in the world: Toño has worked excellently, covering all expectations and treating all stakeholders with clarity and empathy, always seeking to deliver quickly and with high quality what we needed. I remember that we conducted in-depth interviews with many users of a complex bank app, we worked hard, and in that process, we obtained many insights to know which path to take and where my development team should spend their time. For me, he is a professional. In addition to being fantastic to work with, I have also learned a lot about how to do things. If my professional career has been oriented towards UX and Product (I am currently VP Product), it is because I loved working with him and what I learned from the many hours we shared on different projects. I recommend Toño. 100% professional and better person