Marta Mota Vázquez
Digital Designer • Graphic Designer
Toño included me in his team to design a complex, challenging, and beautiful project, Stellars. A luxury project for football and collectibles in which we sold unique pieces of first-class football players' footprints, built in aerospace aluminum and bathed in gold. Toño led a Design and UX team that, in a short time, put the brand in orbit, defined the product, built the ecommerce, and made it known internationally. Where he focuses, he shows his great skill and works at full speed, guides, and solves problems with realistic and effective solutions. His way of being motivates and helps others to work with enthusiasm and grow professionally. We had ups and downs, difficulties, and achievements. Along the way, we had a lot of fun. For Toño, I designed complex graphics, products' packaging, pieces for branding, graphics for social media, media, luxury posters, and illustrations for the multilingual website. I enjoyed designing all of them. The feedback on my work was always swift, direct, and aimed at continuous improvement and the best result. I worked well, felt strong and supported by the team and by Toño. He is the partner that everyone wishes for in a project. It has been a privilege to work with him.